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Stinson's Golden Age - Vol 1 & Vol 2
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Travel Air, Wings Over the Prairie

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Price: $21.95

By: Edward H. Phillips

Travel Air Airplane Manufacturing Company, Inc. produced some of the most famous aircraft in the 1920s, including the Travel Air 5000 and the sleek
Travel Air, Wings Over the Prairie

The Travel Air firm was also responsible for four aviation legends firmly establishing themselves in Wichita and forming the nexus between Wichita and world aviation: Walter Beech, Olive Ann Mellor (later Olive Ann Beech), Clyde Cessna, and Lloyd Stearman.

Travel Air, Wings Over the Prairie book includes 3-view Scale Drawings.

Travel Air: Wings Over the Prairie
Book Contents

Chapter                                                                         Page             

1          Wichita – The Air Capital                                                         2
2          Travel Air Mfg. Co: Beginnings                                     6
3          Travel Air: Early Days                                                   12
4          Down on Douglas                                                                     19
5          Travel Air: Monoplane Fever                                                    30
6          Travel Air Mfg. Co. Inc: Bigger and Better                                43
7          Travel Air: The Scarlet Marvel                                      56
8          Inside Travel Air                                                                       75
9          Travel Air: The Standard of Aircraft Comparison                       87
10        Travel Air Potpourri                                                                  117

Travel Air book: 128 pages, 8.5x11, softbound, 200+ photos and 3-view drawings

Travel Air, Wings Over the Prairie

ISBN Number: 9780911139174

Item Number: 422

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