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Stinson's Golden Age - Vol 1 & Vol 2
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The First Aviators

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By: Curtis Prendergast and the Editors of Time-Life Books

The First Aviators is a Time-Life aviation book included in the Epic of Flight Series.

The age of aviation dawned not as a sunburst but as a tantalizing glimmer. Long after the Wright brothers had flown in 1903, and even after they had gone on to perfect the first truly practical airplane, few people had heard of their achievement.

The First Aviators

The Wrights worked in relative obscurity and kept the details of their invention secret. As a result, aspiring aviators everywhere, particularly in France, toiled to conquer gravity with an assortment of contraptions of their own design. The first aviators had only their wits and reflexes to bring them down safely again. Their planes, mere collages of wood, cloth and wire, were difficult to control and so sensitive to air currents that even moderate winds could knock them to the ground. But once flying was established, by the end of 1910, the aviator emerged as an international hero.

The First Aviators book is one volume included in the Time-Life Epic of Flight series.

Epic of Flight: The First Aviators
Book Contents

Chapter                                                                         Page             

1          Rediscovering the secrets of Kitty Hawk                                   17
2          The great show at Rheims                                                         49
3          The high-risk pursuit of gold and glory                           85
4          The Wrights vs. the world                                                         115
5          Marshaling aviation for war                                                       143

176 pgs w/Index, hardbound w/dust jacket, 9.25 x 11.25, b&w and color photographs & illustrations.

The First Aviators

ISBN Number: 1-84447-037-7

Item Number: 1166

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