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Stinson's Golden Age - Vol 1 & Vol 2
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Aeronca\'s Golden Age

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By: Alan Abel, Drina Welch Abel and Paul Matt

Aeronca's Golden Age is a book which progressively details the events leading to the Aeronautical Corporation of America, from the early 1920s, through the Great Depression, the disastrous flood of 1937, World War II and beyond. Book includes biographical information on the founders of Aeronca, and details the people, facilities and manufacturing operations of Aeronca Aircraft Corporation, Middletown, Ohio, during the Golden Years of Aviation.

In Aeronca's Golden Age emphasis is given to the Aeronca Aircraft Corporation's models: Aeronca C-2, C-3, Model K, Model L, Aeronca 7AC Champ and Aeronca 11AC Chief. ALL Aeronca's models are discussed. This book has much information.
Aeronca\'s Golden Age

The Golden Age of Aviation Series highlights a number of aircraft manufacturers during the 1900s, 1910s, 1920s, 1930s & 1940s. The series presents an historical look at Aviation’s Golden Years through detailed text, numerous photos, internationally acclaimed 3-view airplane scale drawings, archival materials and original magazine ads of the era.

BOOK REVIEWS for The Golden Age of Aviation Series:

Smithsonian's Air & Space: "Archival photos and technical drawings abound."

American Aviation Historical Society: "...details the people, facilities and manufacturing operations."

EAA's Sport Aviation: "...progressively tells the events and details of these aircraft."

Skyways: "a jewel…. extraordinary…. marvelous…. 3-views augment excellent photos and text.”

General Aviation News: "...books ARE A MUST FOR AVIATION BUFFS."

Historic Aviation: “….with rich narrative and colorful histories.”

Aeronca’s Golden Age

Book Contents

Chapter   Page
1 Pre-Aeronca Development 1
2 Aeronautical Corp. of America 3
3 Development of the Roche Lightplane 6
4 The Big Problem is Solved 11
5 The Ends Are Tied Together 16
6 The C-2 Goes Into Production 19
7 The Advent of the C-3 26
8 The C-1 Incident 32
9 Introducing the C-3 Master 34
10 Aeronca Model K and Model L 42
11 The Model K 44
12 The Model L 49
13 The 1937 Flood 62
14 Aeronca Prewar Chiefs: The Model K Resurrected 66
15 The First Chief 81
16 The Super Chief 85
17 Aeronca Tandem Trainer 88
18 Aeronca Expansion 92
19 Aeronca TA Defenders 94
20 Aeronca Liaisons 96
21 Aeronca TG-5 Gliders 98
22 Aeronca-built Fairchild PT-19 & PT-23 Primary Trainers 101
23 The Aeronca 7AC Champion 106
24 The Aeronca Model 9 Arrow, Experimental 120
25 The Aeronca Model 10 Eagle, Experimental 123
26 The Aeronca 11AC Chief 125
27 The Aeronca 12AC Chum, Experimental 135
28 The Aeronca 15AC Sedan 139

152 pages, SB, 240+ photos, 18 pages of internationally acclaimed 3-view scale drawings, 81/2 x11.

Aeronca\'s Golden Age

ISBN Number: 978-1-891118-593

Item Number: 32

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