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Stinson\\\'s Golden Age - Vol 1 & Vol 2
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DVD: Aircraft Carrier

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History and development of the aircraft carrier from World War II through to Korea and Vietnam. During World War II, the aircraft carrier emerged as the preeminent instrument for projecting military power at sea, allowing for an unprecedented increase in the striking power of the world�s navies. Today, the aircraft carrier still reigns supreme. Carriers allow the U.S. Navy to project its power into every distant corner of the globe on an unprecedented scale. CHAPTERS: Pearl Harbor, Mass Production, Coral Sea, Midway, New Role for Carriers, Kamikaze, Korea.
DVD: Aircraft Carrier

DVD, 57 minutes., color, b&w. #1410, $12.95

DVD: Aircraft Carrier

ISBN Number: 23721100162

Item Number: 1410

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