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Stinson's Golden Age - Vol 1 & Vol 2
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Roosevelt Field - World's Premiere Airport

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By: Joshua Stoff and William Camp

Roosevelt Field was the center of the aviation world during the 1920s and 1930s. When Lindbergh made Paris in 1927, he introduced to the world - the place of his departure - Roosevelt Field, Long Island, New York. Numerous famous aviation personalities frequented Roosevelt Field as it was the world's showcase for innovative design. Curtiss, Beech, Stinson, Sikorsky, Burnelli, Bellanca, Fokker, deSeversky, Grumman, and Waco all had a presence. Traced through 40 years, from Glenn Curtiss' arrival with his pusher biplane in 1909, through the closing of the field at the dawn of the Jet Age in 1951. Extensively illustrated! Detailed text.
Roosevelt Field - World's Premiere Airport

140 pages, 300 photos, 81/2 x 11, softbound. Book is new but has places on teh cover where the color is scraped off. Inside of book okay.

Roosevelt Field - World's Premiere Airport

ISBN Number: 0 943691 06 0

Item Number: 312

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