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Stinson's Golden Age - Vol 1 & Vol 2
$ 50.00

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Paul Matt Scale Airplane Drawings (Vol. 2)

Retail Price: $28.50

By: Paul Matt

There are 325 pages of 3-view Scale Drawings of 124 type airplanes included in a set of two books, Vol. 1 & Vol. 2 of the Paul Matt Scale Airplane Drawings.

EACH FULL PAGE DRAWING is highly detailed and is an accurate working print with all dimensions, specifications, airfoils, cross sections, templates & color schemes.

The PAUL MATT SCALE AIRPLANE DRAWINGS are internationally acclaimed. They have been reviewed and praised by the Aviation Press in every continent of the world.

Drawings include airplanes from Pioneer, World War I, Golden Age, World War II and Modern eras.

“Superb” – Flying Models
“Magnificent” – Model Aviation
“Masterful” – WWI Aero
“Treasure trove” – Skyways
“Illustrator extraordinare!” – Pacific Flyer
“Sensational” – In Flight

Paul Matt Scale Airplane Drawings (Vol. 2)

Vol. 2 contains all the airplanes listed in alphabetical order from H thru W as indicated below.

Heath LNB-4 Parasol, Howard DGA-15P, Howard DGA-3 "Pete," Howard DGA-4 "Mike," Howard DGA-5 "Ike," Howard DGA-6 "Mr. Mulligan," Hughes 18 Longwing Racer, Hughes lB Shortwing Racer, Laird LC-DW-300 "Solution," Laird LC-DW-500 "Super Solution," Laird-Turner LTR-14, Lavochkin LA-7, Lockheed P-80B "Shooting Star," Lockheed Model 9 "Orion," Lockheed PV-1 "Ventura," LWF Cato Model L "Butterfly," LWF Model G2, LWF Model H-1 "Owl," Martin BM1 and 2, Martin T4M-4, Great Lakes TG-1, Martin TT 1913 Trainer, Messerchmitt Me 109 E-3, Morehouse 2 Cyl. Aero Engine, Navy-Wright NW-1 Mystery Racer, Navy-Wright NW-2 Mystery Racer, North American, 0-47A, North American AT-6D "Texan", North American XB-70-1 "Valkyrie, Packard-Le Pere LUSAC-11, Pfitzner 1910 Monoplane, Piper J-3,"Cub," Piper J-4 "Cub Coupe," Piper PA-12 "Super Cruiser, Republic RC-3 Seabee, Rover Inverted Aero Engine, Ryan B-5 "Brougham," Ryan PR-l "Fireball," Ryan SCW Low Wing, Ryan ST-A, Seversky BT-8, Seversky P-35, Sikorsky S-39B, Standard J-1, Taylor E-2 "Cub," Taylor J-2 "Cub," Thomas-Boeing MB-3A and Thomas-Morse MB-3, Timm TC-170 "Collegiate," Verville R-3 Racer, Vought F4U-1 "Corsair," Vought SBU-1, Vought XF5U, Vultee V-IA Transport, Waco UMF/YMF-5, Waco UPF-7, Waco YKS-6 Cabin, Waterman "Arrowbile," Waterman "Gosling" Racer, Wright F2W-1 Racer, Wright F2W-2 Racer, Wright Brothers 1903 Flyer.

Vol. 2 includes drawings from the Pioneer, WWI, Golden Age, WWII, Classic and Modern eras.

NOTICE FOR INDIVIDUAL DRAWINGS: All 124 Paul Matt 3-View Drawings are also available individually, printed on large sheets (18"x24"). To order the individual drawings, go to:
Paul Matt Individual 3-View Drawings on this website.

For all Paul Matt products (books, individual drawings, CDs, DVD) enter in our search engine: Paul Matt

SB, 8.5 x 11, FULL PAGE 3-view Scale Airplane Drawings, 160 pgs

Paul Matt Scale Airplane Drawings (Vol. 2)

ISBN Number: 9781891118531

Item Number: 284

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