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Stinson's Golden Age - Vol 1 & Vol 2
$ 50.00

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The Legacy of the DC-3

Retail Price: $29.95

By: Henry M. Holden

With a Foreword by Donald W. Douglas, Jr., this book is the most comprehensive and interesting book ever written about the DC-3, the most widely-beloved airplane of all time.

Legacy of the DC-3 contains dozens of never-before published photos and anecdotes about the airplane that changed the world. It has the most complete history of the development of the DC-3/C-47 ever published.

The Legacy of the DC-3

With over 200 histories of specific DC-3 aircraft, The Legacy of the DC-3 combines the personalities behind its development, the struggles that shaped this great airplane, and a chronological history of its peacetime and wartime adventures.

It includes detailed accounts of DC-3s flying themselves, to monkeys in the cockpit, mail, freight and even other aircraft.

The accounts go on. The Gooney Bird, its affectionate wartime sobriquet, was meant to fly, and fly she did — over 100 billion miles with over 700 million passengers.

The author has carefully researched (and annotated) a masterpiece, including a roster of every surviving DC-3/C-47 in the United States he could locate, as well as 22 appendices, with one of these including details on all 43 variants produced.

The appendices alone are worth the purchase of the book. There has never been another volume on the DC-3 that has accomplished so much, and in a style that all readers can enjoy. The Legacy of the DC-3 brings people and historical perspectives together to provide fascinating reading. You may have other DC-3 books on your shelf, but you need this one to get the full story.

The Legacy of the DC-3
Book Contents

Chapter                                                                         Page

1          Early Flight – Elijah to Langley                                      1
2          First Around the World                                                 19
3          The Douglas Commercial Series                                                39
4          The Beginning of an Era                                                            55
5          The DC-2                                                                                63
6          The Genesis of the Legend                                                        95
7          War Clouds                                                                              135
8          The DC-3 Goes to War                                                            153
9          Post War Aviation Boom                                                          193
10        The Legend Continues                                                  221
11        The Way It Was                                                                       231
12        Turbopower Conversions                                                         255
13        DC-3s Today                                                                           267
14        Over the Years                                                             293
Endnotes                                                                                              323

365 pages, softbound, 8½ x 11 with about 500 photographs and illustrations

The Legacy of the DC-3

ISBN Number: 1-891118-43-9

Item Number: 377

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