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Stinson's Golden Age - Vol 1 & Vol 2
$ 50.00

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Bonanza Around the World

Retail Price: $15.00

By: Dennis Stewart

In 1994 the Author embarked on an around-the-world air race with several other private aircraft from a variety of countries in a race sponsored by Arc en Ciel. He flew as navigator and copilot with owner Bob Reiss in an A36 Beechcraft Bonaza prop-jet.

Some crews were serious racers, others participated for the sheer adventure of the journey — long over-water crossings, personal risks in hostile political situations and cultural differences.

Bonanza Around the World

No one anticipated seeing the stark human suffering in India nor the racism in Vietnam. The book is clearly written and Mr. Stewart pulls no punches in describing what they saw and experiences they had.

This was an extraordinary journey where strange alliances developed and political experiences were contradicted: professional and courteous Iranian controllers, contrasted with being denied access to Saudi Arabian airspace.

This is also the story of a remarkable and reliable aircraft, superbly engineered. The Author describes in detail the preparations for such a flight, and the many in-flight challenges they faced.

Bonanza Around the World
Book Contents

Chapter                                                                         Page

1          Preparations                                                                             1
2          The Journey Begins                                                                   13
3          Montreal to St. John’s                                                              25
4          St. John’s to Marrakech                                                           31
5          Marrakech to Istanbul                                                               41
6          Istanbul to Dubai                                                                      49
7          Dubai to Agra                                                                           57
8          Agra to Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon)                                           67
9          Saigon to Naha                                                             77
10        Naha to Sendai                                                             83
11        Sendai to Petropavlovsk                                                           91
12        Petropavlovsk to Anchorage                                                     101
13        Anchorage to Sitka                                                                   107
14        Sitka to Eugene                                                                        113
15        Eugene to San Diego                                                                115
Epilogue                                                                                               117

121 pages, SB, 8½ x 11, 110 photos & illustrations.

Bonanza Around the World

ISBN Number: 1-891118-28-5

Item Number: 96

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