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Stinson's Golden Age - Vol 1 & Vol 2
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World War I



  • Airco - The Aircraft Manufacturing Company

  • Aircraft of the ACES: Legends of the Skies

  • America's First Air War: The United States Army, Naval and Marine Air Services in the First World War

  • America's First Air War: U.S. Army, Naval and Marine Air Services in WWI

  • Americans & WWII: The Generation Who Made America Great

  • Bombers of the 20th Century - Vital Guide

  • British Destroyers 1892-1918

  • Classic Military Aircraft - The World\'s Fighting Aircraft 1914 - 1945

  • DVD: The Zeppelin: History of the World\\\'s Greatest Air Ships

  • De Havilland Canada: Images of Aviation

  • Eyes of the Fleet

  • FIGHTER: The World’s Finest Combat Aircraft – 1914 To The Present Day


  • Fighters of the 20th Century - Vital Guide

  • Fighting the Flying Circus

  • Flying Carpets, Flying Wings - The Biography of Moye W. Stephens

  • Fokker Eindecker In Action

  • German Fighter Aces of World War One

  • Gloster Aircraft Company

  • Historic Aircraft and Spacecraft in the Cradle of Aviation Museum

  • Knights of The Air: Canadian Fighter Pilots in the First World War

  • Knights of the Air

  • Knights of the Black Cross

  • March Air Force Base: Images of America

  • Mason Patrick and the Fight for Air Service Independence

  • Mother of Eagles: War Diary of Baroness von Richthofen


  • Naval Aviation in the First World War: Its Impact and Influence

  • New England Aviators 1914-1918 Volume I

  • New England Aviators: 1914-1918, Vol. 1 - Their Portraits and Their Records

  • Paul Matt Scale Airplane Drawings (Vol. 1)

  • Paul Matt Scale Airplane Drawings (Vol. 2)

  • Reconsidering a Century of Flight

  • STRIKE FROM THE SKY: The History of Battlefield Air Attack 1911-1945 (Smithsonian History of Aviation and Spaceflight Series)

  • Skies of Fire: Dramatic Air Combat

  • Slaughter on the Somme 1 July 1916: The Complete War Diaries of the British Army's Worst Day

  • Sopwith Triplane Aces of World War I


  • THE WAR IN THE AIR, 7-Volume Set


  • The Alaska Flying Expedition The U.S. Army 1920 New York to Nome Flight

  • The Amazing Weapons That Never Were: Robots, Flying Tanks and Other Machines of War

  • The Carrier War

  • The Giant Airships

  • The Hellfighters of Harlem: African Americans Soldiers Who fought for the Right to Fight for their Country

  • The Hunter Hunted: Submarine versus Submarine - Encounters from World War I to the Present

  • The Pathfinders

  • The Paul Matt Collection - Archive 1 - CD-ROM

  • The Paul Matt Collection - Archive 2 - CD-ROM

  • The Paul Matt Collection - Archive 3 - CD-ROM

  • The Paul Matt Collection - Archive 4 - CD-ROM

  • The Red Baron\'s Last Flight

  • The Remains of Company D: A Story of the Great War

  • The Royal Air Force in the Great War

  • The Royal Flying Corps: Images of Aviation

  • The Timechart of Military History

  • Warbirds Evolution

  • Wingless Eagle - U.S. Army Aviation Through World War I

  • Wings of War - Airborne Warfare 1918-45

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